How To Get Instagram Photos to Appear in Your Twitter Stream

Instagram Photos Twitter Stream

Instagram is taking over as the most popular social network. It's officially surpassed Twitter in volume of monthly active users, and people interact with Instagram posts at 18 times the rate they do with Facebook posts. I'm active on all three platforms, and always seek ways to make social media more efficient so I can, you know, spend more of my time in the "real world." Previously, whenever I wanted to share a photo with the interwebs, I used to post my pictures on Instagram and auto-share … [Read more...]

Which Facebook Brand Pages Do You Bother Paying Attention To?

Biggest Motivators in Liking a Brand Page

Facebook is a noisy place. Like me! Follow me! Share my photo! Leave a comment! Click my link! It's a lot to keep up with, especially if you're just trying to use Facebook to keep in touch with your friends. That presents quite a challenge for brands with Facebook pages who want to get more likes from people who will actually pay attention and interact with them. To better understand how to make people pay attention to YOUR Facebook page, it's important to understand why Facebook users bother … [Read more...]

How to Use Twitter Lists to Easily Follow Specific Groups

Create Twitter Lists

If you're following more than a thousand people on Twitter, you know that it can be hard to keep track of specific people. When you "follow" someone, your main Twitter stream gets more frenetic, and soon you need to refresh every five seconds to keep up. All the sudden, those really helpful people who share genuinely valuable content are just part of the rest of the noise, and Twitter becomes a massive time-suck. That's where Twitter lists come in! Use them to organize people based on topic or … [Read more...]

How to Get Facebook Page Likes Without Like-Gating Content

No More Like Gate

Last week, Facebook disabled the functionality allowing Facebook pages to like-gate, a.k.a. fan-gate content. This means that you can no longer hide content from people until they like your page. The change is intended to dissuade companies from getting superficial likes, and instead focus on driving valuable relationships via Facebook. Still, if done right, this tactic was an effective way to increase page likes, so it's a big loss for small businesses that used this functionality in a m … [Read more...]

Who Should You Follow On Twitter? Who Will Follow You Back?

Who should you follow on Twitter? Who will follow you back?

It’s hard to get followers on Twitter until you start following people yourself. The key is to follow the right people, not just anyone. If you're reading this, you probably want to use Twitter to further your career or reputation in your field rather than to simply chat with your friends. As such, the following advice is meant for people who have potential “customers” – that could mean customers for your product, or people who might hire you for a speaking gig, or become fans of your band, or … [Read more...]

How to Easily Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

How to Easily Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

If you have a Facebook page, you can create custom tabs to turn your page into a powerful marketing tool that generates real leads and revenue. For example, you can promote giveaways and include a form on your custom tabs so you can quickly grow your email list. You can then create Facebook ads that link directly to this custom tab, and encourage users both to like your Facebook page AND subscribe to your email list. Since each of your Facebook posts will only be able to reach a limited … [Read more...]

Quick Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

Quick Ways to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

So you've set up a Facebook page, or you're considering it. Congrats, that's an awesome step! Now you're probably wondering: How am I supposed to get people to like this thing? If people like your page, they'll start seeing your updates in their news feeds alongside their friends' updates. But if you can't get people to click that "like" button, you'll lose them. Here are some foolproof and easy ways to get people to like your Facebook page, so you can grow your following and make more pe … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure Fans See Your Facebook Page Posts

How to Make Sure Fans See Your Facebook Page Posts

Because of Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, only around 6.5% of people who’ve liked your page will see your post in their newsfeed. While marketers love to complain about this (including me), if you think about it, it makes sense – if you saw every post for every friend and page you’ve liked, your newsfeed would flash by at 100 miles an hour, and you wouldn’t be able to keep up. Here are two key strategies you can use to ensure that your hard-earned fans see each of your posts. E … [Read more...]

10 Tweet Templates – Write the Perfect Tweet Every Time

Tweet Templates

Not sure what to tweet? It can be hard to know what content will get more retweets, favorites, and replies. To help you easily craft your tweets, here are some Twitter tweet templates -- just make the following changes to each one: Fill in the "blanks" where the [BRACKETS] are Edit the #hashtag with the actual hashtag you'd like to use (e.g. #marketingtip). Hashtags make it easy for people to find your tweets when they're tracking that hashtag, so you can find more relevant … [Read more...]

Introducing The New Ebook: 20 Day Twitter Fix [Win a free copy!]

20 Day Twitter Fix Announcement

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my new ebook, The 20 Day Twitter Fix! This is the only guide you need to learn how to get more high-quality followers, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your website from Twitter. To celebrate the launch, I'm giving 10% off to everyone -- just use the code SUPER10 at checkout. Why I wrote 20 Day Twitter Fix Many of the guides out there are just about getting more followers by buying fake followers, or using bulk follow/unfollow tactics. … [Read more...]