Is Your Website Designed to Convert?

For any business, big or small, a website is the most essential asset. Having a website for your business is so effective that even if you are an offline business, your website acts as a medium of engagement. It’s a tool to reach more people in a cheap and convenient way while conveying what your business is all about. This, I believe, is the most basic and vital part of business marketing.

So let’s say you’ve done your homework. You followed all the steps necessary — from tweeting, getting Facebook likes, etc. And you also used other marketing strategies to get more people to visit your site, which you believe is the most important aspect. But wait… is it really the most important aspect?

The answer is “NO.” While getting people to visit your website is no doubt an important aspect, making customers buy from you is what matters the most. So you need to have a website which can turn your visitors who are your potential prospects into buyers. Here are some tips to achieve it.

Make your website authentic

The very first step towards building your website should be to make it look as authentic as possible.

  • Don’t be overly flashy. Just think about it: do you like visiting a website where the letters are bright yellow? You see flashy banners all over the website saying, “Buy now and get discounts” or “This is an unbelievable product at an unbelievable price”?
  • Make visitors trust you. The only reason behind visitors doubting your authenticity is because they feel you are trying to deceive them into buying something. They just don’t like it and they don’t feel like trusting it, even if whatever you are claiming is true.
  • Have a simple design. It’s very important for you to have a website that looks more simple and professional. Provide all the vital information that customers need to buy from you.

Include calls to action (CTAs)

Once you have a website that looks authentic design-wise, the next step is to create calls to action to purchase your product. Here are a few best practices to follow when placing CTAs on your site:

  • Be clear about pricing. List your products and/or services with a clear price tag. Include any included costs like state tax, shipping charges, etc.
  • Be explicit about benefits. Every product and/or service should have a brief description about what exactly it is, including its features and the benefits it provides.
  • Include an action verb. Include a simple call to action like “Buy now,” “Order now,” or even “Subscribe to this email newsletter.”
  • Make it easy to purchase. If a customer is willing to buy something then they should be able to easily do so.

Let customers know who you are via an about page

You need to have a page that describes what your business is all about. Here are some important elements to include on this page:

  • The owners. List who the people are behind the product, how it started, and where it stands.
  • The employees. If you observe many of the small businesses with bigger reputations, they list their employees or themselves with photos and some basic information regarding their hobbies, educational background, etc.
  • Be human. This gives visitors a human touch and feeling of authenticity when they know whom they are dealing with.

Let customers contact you

A customer being able to find information to contact you is as important as the “call to action” on your website. It shows that you really don’t mind them contacting you, no matter what the reason is — whether its about sales, product/ service information, warranties, support, etc. The CTA leading to your contact page should be displayed on every single page on your website. You can place it at the top, on the sidebars, or in the footer. But it simply should be there.

Let your customers provide feedback

Allow your customers to send you feedback at any time. No matter how good your product is or how well your website is designed, some customers might still find it difficult to navigate or to find information regarding your product itself. So let them tell you what is going wrong or what improvements you can make.

Being receptive to customer feedback will let you improve your website and product, and also make customers feel that you value their feedback and you care for them. This is one of the best ways to get repeat customers and gain new business. Would you not feel good when someone listens to your feedback and implements on it? You should have a separate page for the feedback section but that page should be reachable from every page on your website.

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post it’s important to get customers to visit your business online and for them to know about your business. But more importantly its all about how you can turn those visitors into buyers and that is where the success of your business lies.

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    Very informative post and clearly described. A lot of people are jumping into entrepreneurship but they need to understand that it does not just need finance but it needs strategic planning and understanding each and every aspect of running a business, marketing being the most important part of all. I will suggest the readers to take some sort of online business courses, for better understanding of running a business.

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