How to Make Someone an Admin of Your Facebook Fan Page

When you need to assign a colleague tasks on your company’s Facebook page, or if you hire a social media agency or consultant to work on your Facebook page, it’s usually necessary for them to be granted admin rights. You can easily add your Facebook friends as an admin of your fan page, but if you’re not Facebook friends, you can add people via their email address. This will work for both fans and non-fans of your page.

Note: They must have this email address registered (associated) with their Facebook profile. Sometimes individuals use their personal accounts to log into Facebook, and not everyone hooks up their work email address to their Facebook account, so verify with them which email address they want you to use.

1. Go to your Admin Panel

Click the Admin Panel link at the top of your Facebook page.


2. Edit your Facebook page

Click the Manage button, then select Edit Page.


3. Manage admins

Click Manage Admins in the sidebar navigation.


4. Add an admin

Enter an email address in the text field, and then click Save.


OR, if you are Facebook friends with the individual you’d like to add as an admin, enter their name and select their Facebook profile in the dropdown menu that appears. Then click Save.


That’s it! Now your colleague/consultant/spouse/friend is an admin of your Facebook fan page.

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  1. says

    Hi, Diana:

    Does this give them total control of your page, then? What if you want to add someone simply to post updates on your behalf, but not have full privileges. Is there a tool or app for this?

    Let me know.


  2. says

    Hi Diana,

    Can you help me?

    I cannot get my picture to show up in my admin page, or when I post a comment in someone elses Facebook page.

    I would have given you a screenshot, however, I did not know if it would show up in this box. Very frustrating and embarrasing.

    Thank you for your help,


  3. Cathe says

    This was a really informative article, thank you!

    I’ve been having major issues with creating our company fb page, while my personal page was so simple. Our website, again, simple, we have control over the admin interface and can keep pages that we are working on unpublished–crucial of course.

    Privacy issues: my company page was live, even though I didn’t publish it, but I couldn’t unpublish it, because the settings were under my personal account. So I just deleted the company page rather than have my new, very unfinished page visable to clients.

    I’ll start again, but feel that fb is so glitchy and leaky and trouble shooting the issues is extremely time consuming, I’d rather work on our site, messaging, email campaigns and Linkedin.

    Is is just me, or do many people find fb difficult to use?


  4. ranjit says

    Hi Diana,
    I cannot add people as admins, only existing pages. when go to list of people who have liked my page the option to add as admin does come up but when clicked on, it takes me to me manage admins page but the person doesnt come up there.
    any idea what could be wrong?

  5. Mike says

    I have a question. What if the page is still unpublished? I wanted to have the admins be able to access it to aide in working on it before I publish the page itself but they can’t seem to access it although they have all been set up as Admins. Does the page need to be published before they are allowed access to it? Thanks so much! Hopefully you know the answer! :o)

  6. says


    I have a major issue. Recently by mistake I removed an admin on my page. Now I want to make that person an admin again. But when I type in her name her profile doesn’t show up and Facebook doesn’t add them. Why?

    Thank you. Please reply soon.


  7. Aaliyah says

    Hi Diana:

    Please help me! i can’t find the admin panel button its just a blue button that says Ads Manager should i use my Facebook acount or the page i followed your steps and i only clicked Admin roles and I put an email of a friend and it does not work please reply me . Aaliyah

  8. Kate says

    I have tried everything i can possibly think of to add another admin. I have googled it, wiki’d it and even used the facebook help. Nothing is working! It will not add the admin. This person is a ‘Likes’ the page, is a personal friend and nothing! HELP!!!

    • says

      Same here… Tried everything… and nothing.
      It seems it’s a major bug since many people are experiencing it. The question is why Facebook owners/developers don’t fix that? It’s ridiculous!
      Hope they get that working soon…
      Best regards.

      • Nick says

        I’ve experienced the same problem. I have managed to add one admin but when trying to add another it says that the person must be a friend or like the page for it to go through (when both are already true). Any suggestions?

  9. says

    OK. So I have a Facebook Fan Page that I set up using my personal profile.

    Is it possible to give someone admin privileges to my page if they do not have an existing FB profile themselves? I know this can be done if it was set up as a business only page, but those are otherwise totally pointless. Please help. Google was useless on this point.

  10. Junaid says


    I need some help, is it possible to make someone admin of my fan page through script? wither API or custom script

      • Junaid says

        Well, that was a project’s requirement. I have researched alot and found that its impossible and its quiet reasonable to be impossible actually due to FB security. The client wanted to build an app which send his customers a link which they hit and it shows them all their pages and they selects a page and press a button and the client becomes admin of the page actually, he wanted to by pass the fb login and authorizing user as admin and user accepting … well its not required now .. still thanks for your reply :)

      • says

        Right — I don’t think I’d want anyone becoming an admin of my page via any method aside from me manually adding them as an admin on Facebook itself! Hehe. Good luck on your project!

      • says

        I am having trouble becoming an admin on a page. Someone want to make me an admin on their page but they cannot find me in their “likes” even though I have liked the page already. They have typed my name in, my email address and have scrolled through the names to find me but cannot find me to make me an admin. Could you please let me know if I need to change my privacy settings or if this is a Facebook problem.

  11. Julie Corr says

    Very helpful website you have here! I have just created a Facebook page for our school – if I add teachers as admin and they use their Facebook-linked email address, does that then link their personal facebook account to the school account (which we don’t want to do!)?

  12. Kennedy says

    My email was added as the admin of a facebook funpage but I don’t know how to access it. I found this when I was going through the accounts connected to my gmail account. Pls how can I access the panel.

  13. farman says

    i have a problem.i add email of admin for facebook page but he can not receive the notifications and he also can not post on my page..only post on my to fix this problem…plz help me

  14. Mira says

    I am trying to add someone to be an admin of our FB page. We are not FB friends, but she has “liked” our page. I have entered her email address in the appropriate place. And she has confirmed that is the address linked to her account. However, it is still marked “pending”, as in her invitation is pending. She has checked the inbox and junk box of that email address, and has not received an invitation. I’m not sure what to do. I have full admin privileges. Any ideas?

    • farman says

      Mira I solve your don’t add as a admin to her.Because the person who want to add admin have make her own page in her fb add those person admin whos only fb email not fb page inside the email.the main reason of this cause is that.

      • Cichy says

        I don’t understand this reply and I have the same problem. I created fanpage without having a facebook personal account. The people I want to add as admins like the fanpage, but when I insert their e-mail I see only “Pending” and their don’t get any message (invitation). When I insert name this people I receive only error message.

        “We weren’t able to add all your new admins. You can only add your friends or people who already like this Page.
        /NAME/ could not be added as an admin. The email address may be invalid, you may not have permission to look up this person using their email address, or they may already be an admin of this Page.”

  15. says

    while that may send the invite, if they’re not a friend, it’s unclear how they get to see the invite – i’m seeing people not getting any e-mail notification and the place for them to click, i saw it once, but can’t find it now.

  16. says

    I have managed to add one admin but when trying to add another it says that the person must be a friend or like the page for it to go through (when both are already true). I also can’t find them in the Likes list. What should I do?

  17. says

    Hi Diana

    I have managed to set myself up as an admin for my business page (from a personal profile) and when I am in my business page (via my personal page) it tells me at the top that I will be posting and commenting as by business page. However, when I do like/post or comment on another business page, it shows that I have done so from my personal page (which I only set up for the purpose of being able to like and post to other businesses). Can you please help..?

  18. says


    I’m trying to add me to my Facebook page Ukusna hrana as admin… I did all the steps you described above, but when I add my name it asks me about Facebook password… when I add my password, it tells me it’s incorrect… what should I do?

    • says

      you are typing wrong password bro. check your capslock and any other issue.i will try it this process after reading this post and succesfully setup

  19. brijesh says

    Hii diana :

    I got notification to become admin of a page and i approved too. Now i dont know how to use the page as an admin(content creator)

  20. Tan Wen YI says

    if my admin facebook account has been suspended, how can i change the admin role?
    Luckily i have save the fan page to other fb account. so i just post from other fb account, i can not change the setting coz my other fb account is not as admin role.

    Please help me hoe to change the admin of fb fan page, if my admin account has been suspended?

  21. says

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