How to Optimize Your Facebook Content Strategy for a Global Audience

Does your company or blog target a worldwide audience? You may have thought expanding your reach in your own country was challenging enough — but what about the potential audience you can reach around the world?

You may not have the resources to translate your content into every language — but you don’t necessarily have to. (For now.) But if you’re getting to a point where you’d like to expand your reach globally, here are five tips to on how to create a Facebook content marketing strategy that scales — without having to build multiple Facebook pages.

1. Segment Your Facebook Audience by Top Regions

First, determine how you want to segment your Facebook audience by deciding which countries and/or languages you want to target specifically. Segmenting your audience doesn’t mean that you need to post a different update for every country out there. Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics? There are a lot of countries out there, so that would be a bit over-the-top. Instead, head over to your Google Analytics account, see which few countries are home to most of your audience, and start there.

2. Target Your Facebook Content

To target a Facebook post, (1) click the Targeting icon below the post, and then (2) click Add Targeting.

Facebook International Targeting

Next, click Location. You can also target by Language if you’d like.

Facebook Global Targeting

Finally, enter the country name you’d like to target and select the correct country from the dropdown that appears. Click Choose Locations.

Facebook Local Targeting by Country

Then when you post that update, only people in those locations or who speak your selected languages will see this update appear in their timeline. Note that all of your posts will still appear on your Facebook page, but more than 80% of your content is consumed via users’ news feeds rather than your Facebook page itself.

4. Post Relevant Facebook Content

Make sure you’re either on top of the hot topics and sensitive issues in each of your target markets, or find someone in your target regions who knows the latest scoop. What’s news in one location could be ancient history in another, or simply irrelevant. In other words, a news story in the UK may not be relevant to your audience in Russia. Here are some ideas for the types of posts you can localize:

  • Educational guides can be applicable to multiple audiences
  • Thought-leadership pieces that are new to certain cultures
  • Industry news from relevant regions
  • Product updates relevant to the region

5. Use High-Quality Images Wherever Possible

An image doesn’t need a translation. Visuals are much easier for global audiences to understand, especially if you have an audience that spans multiple languages. On your Facebook page, you can use the photo sharing functionality to share beautiful images that appear prominently in people’s newsfeeds.

Facebook images need no translation

I mean, really, in what country would people NOT want to run to the supermarket to buy chocolate?

Also make sure that your cover photo is eye-catching and portrays your brand well.

6. Provide Native Translations for Facebook Posts

If you do have the resources to localize your content, don’t simply take one of your posts in English and paste it into Google Translate for your Spanish audience. Your content will sound Google Translated to anyone who speaks the language natively. There are certain sayings and puns that just can’t be translated by a computer. Instead, get help from someone who is fluent in the language you’re creating content for. Here are just some of the translation service providers you can choose from:

In addition, be aware of variations in spelling from region to region. For example, American and British folks may speak the same language, but there are certain nuances that are important to address (e.g. color vs. colour; optimization vs. optimisation; etc.).

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