How to Promote your Facebook Page’s Like Gate Tab to Get More Likes

A like gate tab, otherwise known as a reveal tab or a fan gate tab, is a customized tab you can create for your Facebook page that shows content only to people who have liked your page. Everyone else will just see messaging encouraging them to like your page in exchange for whatever content you’re offering.

This is a great way to get more people to like your Facebook page. But this custom tab will only be successful if people are actually seeing it. Without promoting it correctly, it will be hidden on your Facebook page, and won’t entice anyone to do anything.

Here are a few ways to make sure that visitors to your Facebook page actually see your like gate tab.

1. Link to your like gate tab from your website

You can promote your exclusive fan-only offer on your website, and link directly to your like gate tab. This way, you’ll be encouraging your website visitors to like your fan page, and since they’re already visiting your site, they’re be more likely to do so than random Facebook users.

To find out what your like gate tab link is, go to the Apps section of the Admin tool.

facebook admin app section

Then click Link to this Tab under the custom app you’re using for your reveal tab.

link to like gate tab

Then you’ll see the direct link to your like gate tab.

URL of like gate tab

Now that you have your like gate URL, you can create hyperlinks on your website leading directly to your like gate tab. For example, in my author bio at the bottom of every blog post, I link to my Facebook page using this like gate URL.

Diana Urban author bio

2. Pin a promotional story to the top of your timeline

If you’re giving something awesome away on your like gate tab, post an update about it and pin that story to the top of your Timeline. This way, your new visitors who don’t go directly to your like gate tab will see this story right at the top of your timeline.

pin story Facebook page timeline

Learn how to pin as story to the top of your Facebook page timeline here. Remember to re-pin this story every seven days if you always want it to be at the top of your page, since Facebook removes the pin after that amount of time has passed.

3. Strategically name your like gate tabs

You can customize the name shown under the thumbnail image of each custom app tab on your Facebook page. This is a prominent place for new visitors to see that you have some sort of offer in place. Here’s an example of what this looks like on U Stand Out’s Facebook page:

like gate app tab image

Here are some ideas for strategic names you can use for your app like gate tab, depending on what you’re actually offering to fans only:

  • Free Download
  • Get a Discount
  • Get 50% Off
  • Earn Rewards
  • Win a Prize
  • Latest News

Learn how to change the name of your app tabs here.

4. Prioritize your like gate tab by reordering your app tabs

You can reorder your app tabs so that the most important tabs are toward the front. The first tab will always be the standard Photos app, and that cannot be changed. So the 2nd tab should be your most important tab, such as your reveal tab.

To reorder the images, first click the down arrow to the right of your tab images:

click like gate arrow to reorder

Then hover over the tab image you’d like to reorder and click the pencil icon. Then select the tab you’d like to swap with this tab.

edit like gate order

5. Run Facebook ads that link directly to your like gate tab

You can run a Facebook ad that links directly to your like gate tab. This is a great Facebook marketing strategy — you’re not just dumping all these paid visitors on your timeline; instead, you’re leading them to the tab you’ve specifically created to encourage them to like your page. This means you’ll get more ROI for your ad spend.

When creating a new Facebook ad, choose the Get More Page Likes option.

advertise on Facebook to get more likes

Then when you build your ad, you can select the Landing View — choose your like gate tab here!

Facebook ad choose landing view

What other creative strategies have you used to get new visitors to your Facebook page to see your like gate tab? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Theonlineshift says

    Hi Diana, 
    You are the Queen in facebook strategies, brilliant strategies to get more likes. 
    Thanks Edward

  2. Boris C. says

    Hi Diana. I have fanpage with 1 Like and when I wanted to access Insights I’ve got some error message telling me to try later. Then I saw this written on my fanpage next to Insights “Community Pages do not have insights available to them”.

    Is this normal or I must have fanpage classified other than “Community Page”?

      • Boris C. says

        I think there are no relevant options for me from the following choices when creating a page:

        1. Local Business or Place
        2. Company, Organization or Institution
        3. Brand or Product
        4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
        5. Entertainment

        Choosing something I am not will have risk of being shut off by Facebook.

  3. says

    Hi Diana!

    Great advice, we’ve just set up a like gate tab on our Facebook page (Australian Strength Performance) too. How would you advise using this link on websites that also draw mobile/tablet/iOS traffic though? We currently use the tab link on this page but non-PC users get a Facebook error page when using it so we also have to advise people of this on the page. It’s an annoying dilemma!

    Love your Blog/e-Book by the way, very helpful stuff!


  4. Paul Scott says

    Hi Diana,

    Fantastic post. I’m just wondering how a fangate works if you want to give away a free download for a like? The image above suggests that it’s an option that’s given when you advertise on facebook? If so where do you upload your free digital file to? I’m confused with this as I have seen some third party apps offer the ability to fangate uploads.

    I’m trying to establish whether there is a free DIY method of creating a fangate upload tab??



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