How to Reply To Individual Comments On Your Facebook Page

reply to individual comments on Facebook pageFacebook has launched a new feature on Facebook pages that allow you as a page admin, as well as your fans, to reply to individual comments on each of your posts. This allows for more of a threaded conversation, as are typically seen on blog comments and some forums.

This feature not only makes conversations easier to follow, but it should also increase engagement, since you can now reply to fans individually, thus encouraging them to continue the conversation with you since they’re getting individual attention. It also allows your fans to reply directly to each other. Previously, if too many comments happened since a particular comment you wanted to reply to, it was hard to indicate who exactly you were talking to, and this probably dissuaded people from replying at all.

As of right now, this is a feature that page admins need to turn on. To see this option, make sure that your admin panel is collapsed by clicking the Hide button, if necessary.

hide admin panel

Then click Turn on Replies. If you don’t yet see this option, it should roll out to all Facebook pages soon, so keep checking back.

turn on facebook replies

You will then see a confirmation message that replies have been turned on.

facebook replies turned on

Replies are only available in NEW posts that are published on your page. The feature will not retroactively be added to old posts. To reply to an individual comment on a post, simply click the Reply link instead of entering your comment in the regular text field.

click reply link

Then you can enter your reply in the right place.

enter Facebook reply here

What do you think? Will you use this feature frequently?

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  1. kimmielthomas says

    Ron_McManus I was having nothing but problems posting up on my page after they made the changes, was acting all weird. :(

  2. Kathy says

    I have my page set to keep comments from fans hidden until I approve them. Will replies also be hidden, or will they show up right away?

  3. says

    Thanks for the article. I see that this is already an option on pages but I still do not see it on mine. Are they slowly rolling this out to different users??

    • says

      Hey Taryn,

      This feature is only open to pages of a certain number of ‘Likes’ (I’m not sure of the exact size)… how large is your following?

  4. says

    I am a rookie at this, so have a rookie question:
    When I reply to an entry, there appears to me that there is no place to Save that reply. So I just click Send, hoping that it will GO, only to find out that it does not! Where do I Save my response so that the receiver gets my comments? A long time computer user but rookie facebooker! Many thanks.

    • says

      Hi John. On Facebook, all you have to do to submit a comment or a reply is hit Enter on your keyboard. And that’s it! Is that not what happened for you?

      • says

        Thanks Diana. I am sure that is in the Directions, but I looked and looks and could not find it. I am an old retired physician and can work with most things. I looked and looked but could find nothing re: my question. Further, I could find no such instructions, but I am just an old man trying to learn. Again, thanks. jps

  5. mandy says

    I have created a FB page & when I reply to comments it will only let me reply as the page title & not show it is coming from my personal FB. Is there a way to do this?

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