How to Pin a Post to the Top of Your Facebook Fan Page Timeline

You can now pin your most important posts to the top of the Timeline on your Facebook fan page. It will be the first update that users see at the top of the page.

This feature gives you the opportunity to customize the experience of your fan page visitors. Here are a few ideas of posts you can pin to the top of your Timeline:


The content on your like-gated tab (linking to that app tab)

  • Special events
  • Facebook-fan-only deals
  • Product or feature announcements
  • An important blog post

How to pin a story to the top of your timeline

First, you need to post the update, picture, video, etc. to your newsfeed as you typically would. Then hover over that story, and click on the Edit pencil icon that appears.


Then click Pin to Top.


Then you’ll see this post move to the top of the page. A pinned story is indicated with the little bookmark icon.


The Seven Day Rule

The catch is that this pin will expire after seven days. So if you are promoting your like-gated content, for example, make sure that you schedule a weekly reminder in your calendar to re-pin the story each week.

You might want to consider promoting things other than your like-gated content as well. The pinned story should be updated with new and engaging content, so that it’s not always the same exact thing at the top of your Timeline. If used effectively, this feature could mitigate the removal of default landing page tabs.

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  1. jezebel says

    Thanks; learned a few things here. Please, what is ‘like-gated content’? Is it content that is only accessible if the Facebook user hits ‘like’ on the Page?

  2. martinvipond says

    There is no option to Pin to Top on my FaceBook page posts. Is there some global switch for this option in the admin panels?

    • says

      @martinvipond No, this option should appear on all of your page’s posts if you click on the pencil icon. There’s nothing to switch on in the admin section. Are you your page’s only admin?

      • facebooker says

        @Leah, I guess this is only for fanpages (commercial) not personal pages, I have no clue why!

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