How to Remove Connections On LinkedIn

Have you caved in to too many random LinkedIn connect requests? Seeing too many strangers in your newsfeed?

LinkedIn for personal use is as valuable as you make it, so you may want to de-clutter your network and remove connections you don’t actually know or are spamming your newsfeed. Strangely, LinkedIn has hidden the option to remove connections — you can’t even find the option to do so on a connection’s profile page (which is where you unfriend people on Facebook or unfollow people on Twitter, on those respective networks). Here’s how to disconnect from people on LinkedIn.

1. Click Contacts in the top navigation

LinkedIn - Click Contacts

2. Click the Remove Connections link right below the main search box

LinkedIn - Click Remove Connections

3. Select people you want to disconnect from and click Remove Connections.

LinkedIn - Remove Connections View

If it’s hard for you to tell who you want to disconnect from just by Last Name, First Name, open the main Contacts view in a new tab. You can filter people on the left — especially if you’ve set up a tagging system. Or you can just scroll through your contacts and see their images and job titles. Then go back to the first tab and check the box to the left of their name.

LinkedIn - List of All Connections

Happy disconnecting!



  1. says

    Hi Diana
    Thanks for this post – may be making use of this because I have a few people who are constantly bombarding me with sales pitches lol
    LinkedIn often don’t make it easy to find out how to do things do they, or telling you when things change. I spent ages recently trying to find the % connection, but it no longer exists – now they just have the profile strength icon.

  2. agu estrada says

    as of Apr7 2013, this is the message i get when i click on “Remove Connections”:

    There was an unexpected problem that prevented us from completing your request.

  3. Kat says

    The issue for many is that nothing, no “remove” buttons appear on the right side. I had to email tech support and give them a list of the names to be removed and they had to do it.

  4. Emad says

    i need help to hide the tap of People similar to x
    as all my connections appear through that tap and that affect my business

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