How to Change your Name on Facebook After Getting Married

Are you planning on changing your name when you tie the knot? If so, you’ll have a lot of forms to fill out, from updating your driver’s license to updating your utility bills. Fortunately, Facebook makes it much easier to change your name than the Social Security Administration.

Here’s how to update your name on Facebook in three simple steps.


1. Change your Display Name

Before you change your display name, think about how you’d like your name to appear to your Facebook friends in their newsfeeds. You have a few options; I’ll use my name as an example (Freedman is my maiden name, and Urban is my married name).

  • Diana Urban
  • Diana Freedman Urban
  • Diana Freedman-Urban

When you’re ready, click the little down arrow at the top-right side of the screen and select Account Settings.


Then click Edit in the Name row. Again, I’ll show you my settings as an example.

Option 1: Diana Urban

If I wanted my name to appear as Diana Urban, I would edit the last name field. Then I would enter my former name, Diana Freedman, in the Alternate name field.


With this option, my name would appear as Diana Urban in friends’ newsfeeds, but my maiden name would appear in parenthesis on my profile, and people would still be able to find me via Facebook search if they searched for “Diana Freedman.”


Option 2: Diana Freedman Urban

If I wanted my name to appear as Diana Freedman Urban, I would add Freedman to the Middle name field, and select “Diana Freedman Urban” from the Display as dropdown menu.


This helps keep your Facebook friends from being confused about who you are. Whenever someone abruptly changes their name on Facebook, it’s a bit confusing, especially if their Facebook profile picture isn’t a clear closeup. Not all of your Facebook friends will know your husband’s name, so this way they’ll see the new name after your original name, and will make the connection.

Option 3: Diana Freedman-Urban

If you’re officially changing your name to by hyphenated, this is an option for you. In this case, I would edit the Last name field to be Diana Freedman-Urban.


2. Change your Facebook Username (Vanity URL)

Back on the Account Settings page, you can also change your Username. This is the URL that people can type in to find you. Click Edit in the Username row, and then type in your new URL.


You may find that your new name is already taken. Mine was taken, so I decided to keep my Facebook URL the same. But if you can snatch up your new name, go for it!

3. Edit your Primary Email Address

If you also changed your email address to reflect your new name, you should update your email address in Facebook. Click Edit in the Email row (also in Account Settings), and follow these steps:

  • Click Add another email
  • Enter your new email address and save your changes
  • Your new email address will then appear as a Choose primary option. Select this new email address and save your changes again.
  • Next, you may want to delete your old email address. If so, simply click Remove next to your old email address. Save your changes.

That’s it! Note that if you have a Facebook fan page for yourself, you will NOT be able to change the name of that page or its vanity URL. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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  1. Stephanie Carroll says

    Did they require a copy of your marriage license when you changed your name on fb?  B/c they are requiring my friend to do that. 

  2. says

    Before read your post i was unaware that we can change our name on facebook, it was my misconception that we can set it only for one time and can never change it. Now after read your post i am well aware about it and now i can easily change my profile name.  

  3. Lev says

    if this doesn’t work check out another method that you can find by searching “society gaps wordpress facebook name” on google or whatever ;)

  4. says

    i followed your steps to change my last name after marriage ,but when i click save,it doesnt do anything!! i cant figure out why it wont let me change my last name.

  5. says

    Why on earth should you have to change your name after you get married ? You are still the same person. My wife continues to use her own name and that is how it should be.

    • Veronica says

      And then neurotically panicking that every single social networking site and ID and the ladies you talk to at the supermarket when you check out and that guy in front of you at the red light ALL KNOW IMMEDIATELY. Ha. I didn’t change my name either, but then, a marriage is between me and my husband. I didn’t obnoxiously use my left hand for all sorts of weird, awkward public gestures so people could see my ring, or update my profiles obsessively. I swear to god women just get married so people can see they’re married anymore.
      It’s not love. It’s another accessory.

    • says

      Thank you Patrick and Veronica for your opinions. Please keep in mind that this article is simply a tutorial on how to change your name on Facebook for those women who have decided to change their names. It is not an opinion piece on whether or not you should change your name. Please respect the decisions of other commentators, as well as myself.

      • Ramiro says

        Then I think you should change the word ‘women’ from your reply and use ‘persons’ instead, in order to respect men that decide to change their name after getting married as well.

  6. Erin Civitelli says

    I’ve changed my name on facebook about 5 times (nicknames and such). It will not allow me to change my name anymore. I’m concerned that if I get married, how will I change my last name on facebook if it’s not allowing me any more name changes?

  7. Carole Simpson says

    Hi Diana
    I am having major problems changing my name on fb. I have used four different names but all four have been different ways to say my name ie Cazzie Simpson, Carole M Simpdon, Caz Simpson, Caz M Simpson for example.
    I got married last Saturday and would really like to change my surname FROM Simpson TO Date. It won’t let me though. Any suggestions or help would be greatly received.

    Kindest regards
    Carole Date

  8. Irene says

    Hi! i still can’t change it. My account setting page is different from the one shown above. There is no blank for me to type in first, maiden or last name. All i have are three options facebook gives and i can only pick one of those. Please help.

  9. Mike says

    I would like to change my user name I used for my personal facebook, and use my user name address for a facebook page, is this possible?

  10. Kate Messenger says

    I carry out these steps and it doesn’t work, when I change the name fields to my new name after I got married. I get a pop up stating: you must use your proper name! It’s so annoying all I want to do is change my name!

  11. Andrea C. says

    Hi, I just tried to change my name on Facebook because of my recent marriage and it won’t go through.
    I keep getting a message that tells me Facebook requires me to use my “real” name. I am using my real name. I have a social, DL, marriage certificate to prove it. Plus, I’ve never changed my name before so they can’t say I’ve changed it too many times. Anyone know how to contact them to sort this mess out?

    • Tess L says

      Andrea, Did you ever get your name changed? I am having the same problem where they are telling me my married name is fake, but it won’t even let me send in the marriage license to prove it!

      • Andrea C says

        Yes, finally I got my name changed. Here’s how. On Facebook, go to the Help Center. In the search box type in “My name change request was not approved”. When that page comes up, click on the highlighted “let us know” link and that will take you to a page where you fill out your info and upload a picture of your current ID (must have married name on it). I just took a picture with my phone camera, uploaded and sent. Within a few days my account was changed to new name. I’m sure there’s an easier way but that’s how I did it. Hope this helps.

  12. swaraj says

    thank you thank you thank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank you

  13. angela says

    i have reach my name limit but want to change it again/ or can i transfer my old facebook account pictures to my new account

    • says

      If you’ve reached the limit on the number of times you can change your name on Facebook, that is something you would need to reach out to Facebook directly about.

  14. Tess L says

    For those of you where your name change was rejected and cannot contact facebook, here’s the message and link I received.  This lets you submit your real name that they think is fake, but you have to provide proof.  Log into your fb account, and then click this link.
    If your real, full first and last names were rejected, you can file a report here:
    It took me months to get to this point.  You are welcome!

  15. says

    When I was younger I had a habit of changing my name a few too many times after my boyfriends last name! I know this because I tested it and it requires an attached photo copy of ID with the legal name. Now this year I am engaged and I don’t wanna put his last name now because I want to wait until I’m legally married! my current legal name is Erica Wolfert and my fiance’s last name is Allen so when I get married I wanna put Erica Wolfert Allen…Not Erica Allen(Erica Wolfert) or Erica Wolfert (Erica Wolfert Allen) etc…none of this ( ) shit basically! so when I am married and I do have an ID that says Erica Allen will they let me put Erica Wolfert Allen? (first, maiden, last) because that is how my sister’s have it on their facebooks!

  16. Veronica says

    Could you imagine a life so empty and meaningless that you’d care about this? Like staring into a black chasm.

  17. says

    I recently got married, I’ve been trying to change my last name on Facebook & it doesn’t let me. It says that something went wrong. I’ve tried deactivating my account to see if it gets fixed but that didn’t work. I don’t know what to do anymore &I really want to change my lady name!

      • Andrea C says

        LOL just now seeing you figured it out way before me. I just commented about what I did for name change in the comments way above and as I scroll down, I see you already knew lol. Anyway thanks for adding link. Huge help Cheers!

  18. says

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  19. Mel Schrock says

    My husband Mel Schrock does not want to be on Facebook anymore and I want to take his place. How do I do this?

    Nola Schrock

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  23. Mary says

    Thank you so much for your easy direction on how to change my name. I’ve been trying the the past few days & decided to look it up. Your message was the first so I used it. Thank you again — it was easy.

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