9 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for 2013

Social networking is currently dominating in a full-fledged manner and the growth of mobile social media has also been phenomenal. Interesting trends have been predicted by experts for the year 2013 and as time goes on, these trends are becoming more and more predominant. At present, statistics show that almost 61% of the people who use smartphones are accessing social media sites through their gadgets.

Mobile social media is now being used to promote brands and posting reviews and comments about various products and services. Smartphones and tablets are now being used to browse the web and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and so on. Multimedia engagement is on a rise and e-commerce has turned into M-commerce.

Here are major social media trends that are expected to take place this year:

1. Growth in use of Pinterest

From the time of its arrival in March 2010, there has been significant growth in the usage of Pinterest. Now, Pinterest is available on mobile web, personal computers, and in app form and the time spent by the users for Pinterest has experienced substantial growth. In the year 2012, the time spent for Pinterest on various platforms is as follows:

  • Personal computers – 1,255,225,000 minutes
  • Apps – 720,973,000 minutes
  • Mobile web – 120,486,000 minutes

2. Twitter has come out as the driver of Social TV

Twitter has become another name for social TV interaction and will continue to be so in 2013 as well. When viewers are watching different types of news and sports videos, they are also using Twitter to express their views to people whom they know. Twitter is going to be more attractive this year with a number of new features.

3. Social networks will generate positive sentiments

Studies conducted in the year 2012 show that 76% of the users of social networks stated that they are feeling optimistic once they started using social networks. Staying connected and getting informed are two features that will keep users engaged in 2013.

4. There has been a paradigm shift of content to mobile

Earlier, users searched for content on the web via their personal computers. However, as laid down by the statistics of the NPD group, approximately 37% of these users have shifted to their smartphones and tablet PCs. Internet surfing and Facebooking are the two principal activities that the users are participating in. About 27% of people who use tablets are using their personal computers only on rare occasions for browsing the Internet and 20% of them for using Facebook. People who use smartphones have cut down both web surfing and Facebooking on personal computers.

5. Facebook fatigue might kick in

The Internet and American Life Project Study of Pew Research Center is of the opinion that some people who have been using Facebook might get tired. A study was conducted which indicates that around 27% of people using Facebook in the United States are contemplating to reduce their usage in 2013 in comparison to just 3% who are intending to devote additional time.

6. Rise in video monetization

Well, this is an interesting trend. Online video advertisements are now competing with television advertisements and this has been confirmed by the video monetization report of FreeWheel. In the last year, majority of the online video advertisements were 30 second advertisements. In the previous year, advertisements with the duration of 15 seconds were used predominantly. About 2% people watched video advertisements online during the last three months of 2011 versus 12% in 2012. These were viewed on gadgets like tablets, smartphones (iPhones and android devices), and game consoles and the trend is on a rise.

7. Using more than one gadget

As stated by the Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends 2013 by Forrester, there has been a significant rise of usage of three or more gadgets by people who are working in the information industry. These people presently comprise around 29% of the overall manpower in the world, and this has shown a hike from the year 2011 (23%).

8. India and Indonesia will continue to grow

In 2011 and 2012, Indonesia and India were the two countries which experienced significant growth in the usage of social media. The percentage of growth in 2011 in these two countries was 51.4 and 51.5 correspondingly. In 2013, this trend is going to spike. Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region will also witness massive growth.

9. Social media will be more effective for both consumers and businesses

In 2013, more businesses will use social media to address the grievances of customers. At the same time, consumers will continue to listen to what people say about the products and services of various businesses.

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  1. OLGA says


  2. David Harbaugh says

    I think social media will become easier to use and older social networks will stop being used by more people.

  3. brystal says

    these websites arent going to go away anytime soon, or die down. They will just keep on getting larger. but some of the old ones, like facebook or myspace will start dying down since they are so old and original.

    • Trevor says

      I think that social media will keep being used and I think that many more people will start to use it.

  4. Andrea says

    I think people are getting tired of Facebook as there is a lot of drama and many fake proflies. Personally, I had a Facebook for about a year and I didn’t want to bother with it anymore, so I deactivated it.

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