How to Get More Readers to Share Your Blog Posts on Twitter

Click to TweetWant to get more of your blog readers to share your blog posts on Twitter? The good news is that it’s easier than you think, and doesn’t require a code-bloated plugin.

In fact, there’s a way to get your blog readers to tweet out exactly what you want them to — not just the title of your blog post and a URL. You can add hashtags, your Twitter handle — anything you want.

The answer isn’t the floating social share bar you see on the the sidebars of just about every blog out there (which is still good to have, and you can get at the AddThis website).

Social Share Floating Bar

Nor is it the social share counters that make your website load slowly.

Social Share Floating Bar with Counters

It’s via a simple section at the bottom of your blog post where you provide ready-made tweets, with a link saying “Click to tweet.” Upon clicking this link, Twitter spins up a tweet using your copy, and the user can customize the text if she’d like and then tweet it out to the world.

Click to Tweet Example

Still not convinced this really works? The proof is in the numbers. This screenshot above was taken from my most recent HubSpot blog post. I usually get in the range of 300-500 tweets for each post I publish to the HubSpot blog. This recent post got more than 1.3K tweets within two days. The only major difference was that I added these “Click to tweet” calls-to-action at the bottom of the post. I also find much success with these CTAs on my Diana Urban author blog, which has much less traffic than the HubSpot blog.

Here’s how to create the “Click to tweet” link.

1. Shorten your blog post URL

Using a shortening service like

2. Write 2-3 tweets you’d like people to tweet

Make sure to include your shortened link. Here are some things you might want to include:

  • The name of the blog post, or something a little more creative — you have 140 characters to work with, not just 70, which is the best-practice length of a blog post title.
  • Relevant hashtags — this way when people tweet your tweet, people who monitor these hashtags will see your content.
  • Your Twitter handle — this is a great way to get more Twitter followers. If you choose to include your Twitter handle in one of your click-to-tweets, make sure to include variations that don’t include your Twitter handle so your readers don’t have to promote your handle if they don’t want to.
  • Prompts like “Please RT” — this is especially useful if you’re trying to spread the word about an important cause, but use this sparingly.

Here is an example tweet (which is functional, by the way, so feel free to use it):

Click to tweet: How to Get More Readers to Share Your Blog Posts on Twitter – via @DianaUrban #TwitterTip #Blogging

3. Create your click to tweet URL

Click here to go the Click to Tweet website. Here you can create a basic click-to-tweet link for free. If you want to track how many people click this link, you need to pay for the service, but it’s not necessary at all.

Simply paste in your tweet and click Generate New Link.

Click to Tweet Basic LInk

4. Create your “Click to tweet” hyperlink

Copy the link it spins up and use it as the URL for the “Click to tweet:” hyperlink, and make sure this link opens in a new window. As you can see, clicking will spin up a Tweet in a separate browser tab.

That’s it! Just spin up a click-to-tweet link for each of your tweets, publish your posts, and watch the tweets start coming in.

Want to share this post? Here are some ready-made tweets:

Click to tweet: How to Get More Readers to Share Your Blog Posts on Twitter – via @DianaUrban #TwitterTip #Blogging

Click to tweet: Check out this awesome tip for how to get more people to share your content on Twitter – #TwitterTip

Click to tweet: Get more blog traffic and Twitter followers with this easy trick — no coding required! #TwitterTip #Blogging

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        For some reason it will link directly to my blog not the “click here to tweet” Do you have to do html to get it to work right? If I just add the code, it doesn’t look right, the whole thing is an active link that includes the URL. I may try this on my Blogger blog too. It is a cool idea!

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