How to Update Your Twitter Header Photo [Tutorial + Free Template]

Twitter has rolled out the new Twitter profile to most users, and it’s quite a change from the previous design — in fact, it’s fair to say it closely resembles a Facebook profile page now. I liked the old design — in fact I had just redesigned my Twitter background a few weeks prior to the redesign announcement. Here was my previous design:

Diana Urban old Twitter profile

And here’s my shiny new design. One of the most valuable new features is the ability to tab between Tweets and Tweets and replies. Now you can easily sort through the clutter of irrelevant conversations to find the original content each user tweets.

Diana Urban new Twitter profile

How to Size Your Twitter Header Image Correctly

Let’s get right to it. Download this free Photoshop template to work with the correct dimensions.

Twitter Profile Header Photoshop Template

Your header image technically must be 1500 x 500px, but only a portion of your header image will be used in your profile preview pane. Your preview pane is what Twitter users see when they click your @ handle in their Twitter stream, Tweetdeck, or mobile. Your image should take up the entire 1500 x 500px space, but you should leave 315px to the right and left and 60px above the important content of your image.

Here’s what my preview pane looked like before I realized I had to optimize for these dimensions:

Twitter Preview Pane Pre-Optimization

Here’s what it looked like afterwards — notice how my name isn’t cut off in the image anymore:

Twitter preview pane post-optimization

The 60px above is actually not to optimize for the preview pane, but for Twitter’s navigation bar, which covers the top 60px of your header image.

When you’re finished creating your image, click File > Save for Web and save the image as a JPG. For some reason, Twitter doesn’t let you upload PNG images.

How to Upload Your Twitter Header Image

First, if you haven’t already, switch to the new profile from the old one. Twitter will take your current header image and stretch it out, so ideally you’ll redesign your header using these instructions!

stretched Twitter header image

Click Edit Profile.

Twitter Edit Profile

Click Change your header photo, then Upload photo.

Twitter upload photo

You’ll then be prompted to reposition and scale your header. If you’ve followed these instructions, you won’t need to do this. Just click Update, then Save Changes.

How to Size Your Twitter Profile Photo Correctly

This one’s easy! Just create a profile photo that’s 400 x 400px and upload it by clicking Change Your Profile Photo. There’s nothing complicated to worry about here, so I won’t go into more detail than that.

How to Pin a Tweet

One of the most valuable features of this Twitter redesign is the pinned tweet. You can pin any of your tweets, no matter how long ago you tweeted it, and it will be the first tweet on your Twitter stream. Pinning a tweet is easy. First find the tweet you want to pin, click the ellipses (…) below the tweet, and click Pin to your profile page.

Pin a Tweet

Then confirm your pin by clicking Pin.

Confirm Pinned Tweet

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    Hi Diane,
    You are awesome! Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial on the new Twitter Profile look. Not too long ago, I too had updated my Twitter background image but was still working on the header image. Now I have to change it…again. But you helped make it simple with the Photoshop template.
    Again, thank you! I’ve been following your blog (signed up for the emails) for a while, but felt it was high time I said hello. I just started following you on Twitter. I’m a little dog blogger who always shares smiles and fun adventures, so I hope you will consider following me back. It’s always nice to get cuteness and smiles in your social media inbox. :)
    Take care my new friend!

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    Great article, Diana! We just updated our social media profiles across the board at GoSquared. They’re cleaner than ever, but this is a fantastic post about that’s making me think we could be getting a lot more from this valuable space. Hope you’re well, and do let us know if you ever happen to be in London!

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