10 Tweet Templates – Write the Perfect Tweet Every Time

Tweet TemplatesNot sure what to tweet? It can be hard to know what content will get more retweets, favorites, and replies.

To help you easily craft your tweets, here are some Twitter tweet templates — just make the following changes to each one:

  • Fill in the “blanks” where the [BRACKETS] are
  • Edit the #hashtag with the actual hashtag you’d like to use (e.g. #marketingtip). Hashtags make it easy for people to find your tweets when they’re tracking that hashtag, so you can find more relevant followers.
  • Replace @TwitterProfile with a person’s real username (e.g. @DianaUrban)

Note: Each audience is different, so you may find that some of these templates work better than others at driving engagement.

The Basic Shared Content Tweet

[ARTICLE TITLE] – http://url.com #hashtag by @TwitterProfile

This go-to tweet style is the easiest to execute. Remember to include these often-forgotten elements:

  • A relevant hashtag – this could get your tweet more exposure to people following that hashtag
  • The author’s Twitter handle – always credit your information source (the author or the site you got the post from) on social media. It’ll show appreciation to the original content creator, and they might return the favor by sharing some of your content with their followers.

Example: 11 Reasons People are Unfollowing You on Twitter – http://bit.ly/1qJC17j by @DianaUrban #TwitterTip

The RT With Commentary

[YOUR OPINION] #hashtag – RT @TwitterProfile [ARTICLE TITLE] – http://url.com

Typically when you want to retweet someone’s tweet, you can simply click the retweet button and share the content with your followers. But if you want to get people to notice you on Twitter, you may want to add some commentary to your retweets. In this case, when you retweet, copy and paste their tweet, preface the tweet with RT @TwitterHandle, and add commentary to the beginning. If you modify their tweet at all (e.g. to make the tweet a bit shorter), use MT — stands for “modified tweet” — instead of RT.

Example: So many people do #7 – RT @DianaUrban 11 Reasons People are Unfollowing You on Twitter – http://bit.ly/1qJC17j #TwitterTip

Example: I agree with all of these except #6 and #8 – MT @DianaUrban 11 Reasons People Unfollow You on Twitter – http://bit.ly/1qJC17j #TwitterTip

The Problem/Solution Tweet

Don’t let your [ASSET] [NEGATIVE RESULT]. Find out how to [GOAL] here – http://url.com #hashtag

Fear is a powerful motivator. Nobody wants to fail, or flounder, or fall short, or suck, or whatever [negative result] you use. And if they do, they want to learn how to remedy the situation, fast. That’s where you can help them. Also, if there’s a relevant hashtag you can use here, don’t forget to include it!

Example: Don’t let your Twitter followers slip away. Find out how to avoid unfollows & these top Twitter mistakes – http://bit.ly/1qJC17j #TwitterTip

The Statistic or Fact Tweet

Did you know that [STAT]? http://url.com #hashtag

Don’t just find any old data point here — find something that will really intrigue your target audience. Once they get this little preview, they’ll want to read the full story to understand (1) why this data point is true, and (2) what they should do about it.

Example: Did you know using auto DMs on Twitter leads to a 245% unfollow rate? http://bit.ly/1mVByHT #TwitterTip

The Endorsement Tweet

I loved this article by @TwitterProfile about [TOPIC] – http://url.com #hashtag

Lots of valuable info on [TOPIC] in this article by @TwitterProfile – http://url.com #hashtag

This tweet can take many forms, but instead of tweeting a basic shared content tweet, you’re adding your endorsement to the tweet, and possibly including info on why you enjoyed the piece.

Example: I loved this article by @MichaelZammuto about how Twitter can help or hurt your online reputation – http://bit.ly/1qJEkat #TwitterTip

The Question Tweet

[QUESTION] #hashtag

[QUESTION] – http://url.com #hashtag

Twitter, like all social media, is a two-way conversion. You should regularly ask your followers questions. These can be tied to an article you’ve read or could be something a little more random (though still tied to your brand). Not every tweet needs to drive traffic to a website page.

Example: What do you use to schedule your social media posts? #socialmedia

The Tip or Advice Tweet


[QUESTION] #hashtag 1. [ANSWER #1] 2. [ANSWER #2] 3. [ANSWER #3]

Again, not every tweet needs to drive traffic to a website page — in fact, tweeting bits of advice that obviously aren’t traffic drivers is a great way to build credibility. Tweets like this are retweeted frequently and can get you more engagement and followers, so don’t consider it a sacrifice.

Example: Do you pass reshare test? Be valuable on #socialmedia 1. Provide information 2. Provide analysis 3. Provide assistance 4. Be entertaining.

The Inspirational Quote

“[QUOTE]” – @TwitterProfile #quote


Everyone loves a daily dose of inspiration! It’s difficult to research quotes and find the perfect one, so inspirational quotes are best shared when you randomly come across them and get inspired yourself. So keep your eyes peeled for great quotes, takeaways, data, etc. and make sure to give credit where it’s due.

Example: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” – @jk_rowling #quote

The Follow Friday Tweet

#FF @TwitterProfile to get [BENEFIT OF FOLLOWING]

On Fridays, people like to show appreciation for other Twitter users by using the Follow Friday hashtag #ff. The best #ff tweets don’t just list a bunch of random Twitter handles. Instead, include one or two people and mention why you’d recommend your followers follow these users.

Example: #FF @DianaUrban to get tons of great Twitter, Facebook, and blog marketing tips! #marketingtips

A Slice of Life

Let your personality shine through by occasionally tweeting about things like:

  • What you think of the book you’re reading
  • What movie you recently enjoyed and why
  • A yummy recipe tip you just discovered
  • A link to a meme or Buzzfeed article you found hilarious
  • A photo of your pet (don’t overdo it, but most people love a dose of cuteness)

Obviously, the possibilities are endless, so there’s no single template to follow. Just be sure to provide some value or genuine insight into your life rather than posting mundane tweets about sitting on the couch or ranting about your neighbors. (I might be guilty of the latter…)

Example: I now understand why people binge-watch #HouseOfCards. Because I am now one of them. Who else is addicted?

Look familiar? I recently posted a similar article on HubSpot’s marketing blog. You can check it out here.

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